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Lauren’s traveling fire

We purchased two Nest Protects for our new home. We already had the thermostat and were excited to introduce new Nest products to the home.

We bought the smoke detectors for several reasons.

  1. We would have peace of mind knowing that we could get notifications on our phone with our four-legged kids at home
  2. The monthly tests would make us feel secure in the fact that the detectors are working
  3. The motion-sensored light is a nice glow when moving around in the dark
  4. And the app would keep us up to date with our Nest products.

I always showed visitors our awesome smoke detectors, never actually expecting to use them, except when I try to cook (haha).

On March 23rd, we were enjoying a Friday night fire on one of the last snowy days of the season when we saw smoke coming from the ceiling. The fire had been able to jump from the fireplace due to a construction fault, and into the walls and then traveled throughout the house.

We froze at first, but then our Protect alerted us of the smoke upstairs, and it isn’t even that close to the fireplace.The Protect’s voice alert made it real to us that something was happening. We ran down to the basement to get the dogs (where their lazy selves were snuggled in), and in our daze we heard the voice again saying the smoke had gone downstairs. The voice and the alarms threw us into overdrive and we were able to get all 3 dogs into the car and away from the house.

Not only did Nest get us out safely, it shut off the HVAC system so the smoke wouldn’t be pulled into the air system, a feature I wasn’t even aware of, but thankful for. When they were able to turn our electricity back on, we were alerted that the house had gotten below the “safety temperature.” We were able to show that to the power companies so they could bring in heaters so our pipes wouldn’t freeze as the gas company still needed to perform inspections. Looking at the notifications on my phone the next day, it made me feel the slightest bit better.



Nest Protect sends alerts about what is happening and where in your home during an emergency.

Words cannot thank you enough for your product. It saved our lives and our four-legged kids’ lives.

We cannot stop talking about your product to our friends and family, and the fire department was impressed as well. When we’re able to go back to our home, I know I will feel better knowing our Nest products are there to protect us again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.



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